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The most common storage place for a business is a warehouse. They range in size from huge structures used to support in-coming railroad cars and trucks and at the same time loading of many trucks to handle shipments to your customers. Different kinds of warehouses include:

Private Warehouses

Private warehouses are typically owned and operated by resellers and channel suppliers and used for their own distribution activity.

Public Warehouses

This is essentially space, which you can lease to solve your short-term distribution needs. You may for instance occasionally need additional storage space if making a large purchase of products.

Automated Warehouses

With advancement in technology, many warehouses now have automated capabilities. They use machines to take care of lots of distribution activities.

Climate-Controlled Warehouses

These types of warehouses will store products including ones that need freezers, delicate products with humidity-controlled environments, and facilities that are dirt-free for highly sensitive products.

Distribution Centers

Temporary storage is provided at some warehouses where warehouses will serve as points in the distribution system. In these centers, typically products are received from multiple suppliers and then shipped out to customers. In the case of perishable goods such as food, product enters and leaves in the same day.

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