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Searching for Warehouse Space in San Fernando Valley? Here is How to Pick a Real Estate Agent

HomeblogSearching for Warehouse Space in San Fernando Valley? Here is How to Pick a Real Estate Agent

If you have decided to relocate your warehousing operations to San Fernando Valley or are already expanding, you already know the Valley has great potential.

However, you still need to get the best warehouse space San Fernando Valley in order to leverage on your existing infrastructure. Whether you want to set up in Burbank, Glendale or Hidden Hills there is a lot of hidden opportunties to tap.



Critical Role of Real Estate Agents

The real estate agent you select can make or break your business based on their effectiveness, reliability and speed in getting you the most suitable space for your operations.

While you might have an idea of the perfect warehouse space in mind, agents are the people who are most familiar with the Valley. They can save you time and money hence the need to choose the best commercial property agent.



What to Look for in a Commercial Real Estate Agent

With so many agents around, you need to consider some of these factors in order to get the best warehouse space:

  • Licensing: Before you put your trust in any agent check whether he or she has registered with the State Boards as well licensed. These credentials are available online and they ascertain that your agent has undergone training to work for you.
  • Look for experience: Nothing beats experience when it comes to leasing a property. With an experienced real estate agent in the Valley, you are sure that the best warehouse space will be located easily. It also becomes easier to dovetail your needs to properties in the area, as the agent knows every nook in the Valley.
  • Range of services: It is good to work with an agent who offers a wide range of services including sales and brokerage, investment, property management, development among other things. This is only possible if you work with an established brokerage firm that has experts on its staff.
  • Seek referrals: You have to talk to recent clients served by the same agent in the area. The National Association of Realtors® argues that the best way to identify a reputable realtor is by talking to clients he/she has served, reading reviews in addition to testimonials.
  • Local expertise: While you might be tempted to deal with international firms, it is best to try local real estate agents in the Valley. With over 260 miles covered by San Fernando Valley and outlying communities, a local agent is the most capable to deal with local warehouse leasing.
  • Professional affiliations and awards: It is good to deal with an agent who belongs to professional bodies including  National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA), National Association of Realtors® (NAR), Guild of Professional Estate Agents and of course the local California real estate bodies. This will assure you of professionalism in their duties. Peer-given awards are also an indicator of a good reputation of the agent in the industry.

Some of the other things to enquire about include any fees you will have to pay. In most cases, San Fernando Valley real estate agents typically do not charge a fee as they receive payment from the property owners. What’s more, you can assess their listings and check whether they fit the warehouse space you have in mind.

Your warehouse is the core of your business and you should take time before selecting the ideal space. Remember it can make or break your business hence the need for caution and choosing the best.